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1320 Enterprise Drive

Romeoville, Illinois
(630) 378-0600

Our Philosophy

For more than 25 years, Tri-Tech Electric, Inc. has provided the highest quality workmanship for industrial and commercial lighting projects, traffic signal modernization, street lighting, and electrical systems.

Our success comes from the dedication of its key management people and the commitment of its employees to place the highest value on quality. Our primary objective is to establish a reputation for excellence in the electrical field.

Tri-Tech Electric is a Certified DBE/WBE Contractor by the Illinois Unified Certification program.

"Always Put Forth Your Best

Effort and Workmanship."

This has been our guiding philosophy since we opened our doors in 1985. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of work performance. This has resulted in the success, recognition and respect we enjoy today. 

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